You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
— R. Buckminster Fuller


Hello, I am a globally-minded, seasoned Creative Strategist with experience in international markets (USA, LATAM and Europe). Passionate about Creativity & Culture, Meaningful Brands, People & Tech, Business and Org. Design, Digital Strategy and Service Design / Innovation. 

Transformational leadership through dot-connecting, and value creation thinking & doing: I believe in team work, talent, passion, vision, purpose, solid values, and useful ideas. Firm believer that this paradigm shift is an opportunity to design a fair, sustainable future: people-planet-profit.

Currently focused on transforming education, banking, retail, telco, consumer goods and other sectors through Strategic Design.

Working at The Cocktail, part of WPP Wunderman. Latest clients I have collaborated with in the past 5 years include IKEA, Carrefour, ING Direct, BBVA and Accenture among others.

Case studies coming soon to this portfolio (Strategy, Concept and Definition):

The Middle Man: A digital platform for a multinational food retailer to directly connect producers and prosumers.

People Revolution: Open strategy, inside-out Org Design project to radically change the way of working of a retail giant.

The Future of HR: A people-first, human-centred purpose design strategy for a global consultancy People department.

Global Bank Marketplace: A trusted international trade community that accompanies businesses to find opportunities and close deals.

Global Payments Ecosystem: Eliminating cash from our day to day through a user centric mobile payments ecosystem.

Global Authentication Strategy: Reducing friction when logging-in, while maintaining global standards of ID security in mobile banking.

Broken Lamp: Global Intrapreneurship Program to ignite bottom-up employee innovation.

I believe in....



I've been deeply influenced by the book Lean Start-Up, by Eric Ries and have been following an agile process in our projects, including Scrum, Sprints, Rapid Prototyping, Testing and Iterating. 






I've worked with Human Centered Design and Design Thinking methods, where we place people at the center of our thinking, collaborating and co-creating to meet their needs. Some of the tools we used are Personas, Consumer Cycles, Journey Mapping, etc.







Team is everything. I believe in collaboration and co-creation to arrive at truly innovative solutions. We used Reflections, Feedbacks and Energizers among other methods to build trust in teams and work more efficiently and effectively together.