FEMA Preparedness Campaign: "Today"- a universal insight that turned a Hispanic project into a national campaign

Pro-bono campaign for the US Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency. Our clients, the Ad Council and FEMA asked us to develop a Campaign to increase preparedness among US Hispanics in case of Natural Disaster. Research showed that Hispanic were less prepared than non-Hispanics and we needed to understand why.

In collaboration with an external vendor, I designed and conducted National ethnographic research across US markets to understand cultural and behavioral barriers that prevented Hispanics to be prepared for natural disasters. We conducted friendship ethnographies across NY, Miami, Denver and L.A.

Our Strategy was inspired by Hispanics' flexible sense of time, however, since "procrastination" is a universal insight when it comes to planning for the unexpected (all unprepared individuals are procrastinators - even if it's more pronounced among Hispanics) it was decided to be launched across markets and "Today" 360 campaign ran in Spanish and English, becoming FEMA’s national preparedness campaign.