How can TUI Travel get young people to consider them (a traditionally package focused giant for traveling?


OUR PROCESS: This project was part of "Running a creative business" module, where we had a team of 11 people, 6 pitches, and 5 weeks. We had to organize ourselves and create the agency values, purpose, process, structure, etc. For this project we were a team of 4 key players and I contributed with facilitating and participating on ideation sessions, research, idea selection, idea development and presentation. We really enjoyed the storytelling aspect of it as we were asked to present via Google hangout and we decided to record a video for it. It was a very collaborative project and a joy to work on. 

REAL PROBLEM: Young people today don’t want expensive, planned and rigid vacation packages, which is what TUI is known for.

INSIGHT: Youth travel is about budget, adventure and improvisation.

SOLUTION: “Chameleon”, a digital platform that allows managing a budget, re-routing your trip on the go, access local offers and tweet TUI’s reps all over the world for tips.

HOW WILL IT BE IMPLEMENTED?: Developing a simple and easy-to-use app that’s inserted in a SIM card, solving one of the biggest problems of traveling around different countries: Internet connection or phone service at a low price.