How can we get young people in Manchester to ask for Jose Cuervo at bars?


OUR PROCESS: As part of Cube Collective, the agency we build for "Running a creative business" module, we shuffled team members around but collaborated here and there with each other's projects. There was a core team for this project, but I contributed with process design, idea selection, and some aspects of video development. I'm very proud of what the team was able to achieve in such a short time. Our purpose as an agency was to build stuff that created real value in people's lives and the Cuervo Tracker was right on.

REAL PROBLEM: There is no culture of tequila in the UK.

INSIGHT: When people drink alcohol, they tend to lose more than their heads.

SOLUTION: A digital platform for lost property promoted by bartenders giving shots.

HOW WILL WE DO THIS?: Digital tracking device that's easily attached to property.