How can we help an independent record store specialized in dance music vinyl stay in business in this digital era?


OUR PROCESS: I was team rep for this project, responsible for its management and strategy. We had several initial meetings at Easter Bloc and realized that they needed more than simply help them with their e-commerce website as they had asked for. So we decided to develop a Case for Change. We did a competitive analysis, researched the dance music culture, talked to DJs worldwide and constructed a consumer cycle to identify gaps and waste. We recommended a new market space for them, ideas to promote a new business model and a business and communication strategy. 


 REAL PROBLEM: Eastern Bloc management had extremely hindering beliefs such as their customer’s preference for nostalgia and their need for sound quality over convenience. 

INSIGHT: Usually, the solution is not an either/or model. DJs can get great quality sound from digital mixing tables as well. What matters is genre expertise and accessibility.

SOLUTION: We developed a thorough “case for change” (left) , suggesting a mixed business model of analog and digital tunes, re-thinking the way they do business and connect with their customers.