How can we create real value for people and bring to life Nature Valley’s brand purpose? How can we develop an emotional narrative to connect with people and inspire them to “enjoy nature”?

I was lead Senior Strategist for Nature Valley while at Mccann NY. The brand's purpose is to encourage people to “enjoy nature”. They had been showing its real commitment to nature through a long-held partnership with the US National Parks association. However, this effort was not truly leveraged in their communications, and their media campaigns were usually just product focused. People didn't know about this partnerships and the brand seemed to be just talking rather than doing. So how could we inspire people to enjoy nature and have them realize we share their commitment to nature?

SOLUTION: Nature Valley Trail View. A visual digital platform that allows people to explore the most amazing national parks in the country with just a click. (Industry Awards: Gold 4 A’s Jay Chiat Award for strategic excellence, 2 Gold Cannes Lion, 1 Webby, 1 Clio) .

MY ROLE: Consumer research, insight gathering, brief development, creative inspiration, results measurement, 2.0 Strategy.   


Nature Valley Trail View is a National Park preservation and conservation platform. The initial phase was built using Street View technology on trails in National Parks for the first time ever. Trail View is a living, and continually evolving platform.