KRAFT MAC & CHEESE. Crispin, Porter and Bogusky launched the "You know you love it" campaign to target families instead of just kids (as the brand historically did). It's an iconic brand that has been part of all American homes since world war II, so it made sense to appeal to that "secret love" adults still had for it. 

But Kraft needed to win with the Hispanic market as well in order to meet their business objectives. The sweet spot was un-acculturated Hispanic moms who (surprise!) did not have that special, emotional relationship with the brand, so their GM strategy did not work for them. We needed to develop a uniquely Hispanic strategy in order to win with Hispanic moms. So we conducted an extensive ethnography across US markets to understand the eating habits of Hispanic families and their perceptions of Mac & Cheese. We talked to and visited more than 20 Hispanic homes, went shopping with moms, cooked and ate with them, and chatted about why they do or don't buy American products and Mac and Cheese. We learned that they had barriers because they were unfamiliar with it, and the powdered cheeses was odd. But the kids loved it and asked for it. So we developed a Strategy leveraging the influence of their bi-cultural kids. Maybe the moms are un-acculturated, but their kids are growing with other american friends and are huge influencers at home. So our strategy tapped into the desire of moms to connect with their kids at a deeper level, with their american side.

HAMBURGER HELPER. Last year, the HH business was bleeding and as the most profitable General Mills brand, it was a big problem for the company. An iconic, American household brand, Hamburger Helper had lost cultural relevance and was trying to mirror what Mac and Cheese (his biggest competitor) had done. I worked collaboratively with the client and all the stakeholders involved in re-launching this brand. We facilitated workshops to revise their Brand Archetype, conducted National research to understand consumer behaviors and attitudes toward dinner, food, family and Hamburger Helper, as well as online listenings to get into the conversation. We identified new opportunities for the brand, which had historically only targeted moms and developed a Strategy that prioritized Men, African American families and overall a more modern family approach.

SPRINT RETAIL. Sprint needed to connect with US Hispanics at the retail level and we noticed that their attitudes and behaviors toward shopping were different than the General Market. So we suggested to go to the field and study why and how they differ.

This is one of the largest research projects I have worked on. I designed, supervised and conducted a one-month research study across US Hispanic Markets, including Miami, Dallas, Chicago, NY, and L.A. to gather insights about Sprint's Hispanic Shoppers and develop a strategic recommendation for their Retail Plan for 2011. I conducted one-on-one interviews, visited and audited Sprint stores. With the learnings from the research, we developed a Strategy, facilitated working sessions, and presented the recommendation to the client. Hispanics see the shopping experience as a leisure activity, and an opportunity to spent some time with their families. Our "Technology Playground" recommendation had great positive buzz within the organization and was a must-have driver for their 2011 national retail planning.