How can we help the Suffolk community understand what the Biospheric Foundation right around the corner is about, and how it all relates to the global food crisis?


OUR PROCESS: We had to pick a subject or client and develop a 2 week plan/process to build what we wanted. We all had passion for Urban Farming and wanted to help the foundation with their cause. After selecting our idea, we defined roles to develop it quickly and be more efficient. So we divided into 3 sub-teams to work on each of the three aspects (infographic, kit and app). We learned a lot from our fails in this project, because at the end, it did not feel as a cohesive idea. The short time and amount of work resulted in lack of communication and perspective to keep it all linked. Our process was agile but too structured and the idea lacked the magic that we initially intended. From a project management perspective, we had 3 PMs which was too many for a team of 6. Having only one would have helped facilitating all the process and making sure we had often check-ins with each other.

Solution: A program/service that will allow people to experiment with urban farming systems and share tips digitally through the Bioloop app.

This infographic is the concept of how a personalized system would look like through open sourced data, and data provided by the foundation and the Suffolk neighbors/users'. It makes the issue tangible for regular folks and puts it in perfective so they can understand the impact of their eating and buying habits in their health, the environment, and supermarket prices. It also brings awareness and understanding of the foundation's objectives. 



PRESENTATION.  This is our full presentation, including the DYI kit, the bioloop app and our process.