How can we change people’s love affair with their cars and get them to use Manchester public transport to get into the city center?


OUR PROCESS: I designed the process for this project and facilitated the team sessions. We decided to focus on the problem, redefine it and spend most of our time researching Manchester's transportation, people's behavior, unmet needs, gaps/waste, and looking into the future of transportation. We also researched available technology and how the internet of things will work. In this case we really focused on understanding the issue and the possibilities of technology, which really helped us during the idea development phase as we knew what was realistic and what wasn't. We prototyped the technology to make sure it worked and are proud of one of the client's comments: "we've just had penny dropped moment". 


THE REAL PROBLEM: Public transport in Manchester is unreliable, specially the Bus system.

INSIGHT: People just want to find the more convenient and flexible way of going from point A to point B (Usability over Ownership).

SOLUTION:  A crowdsourced data gathering and analyzing solution to the build a mixed-model transport digital platform that will provide the best, most personalized route, becoming a lifestyle platform and helping Manchester and its citizens to become greener and healthier.


HOW WILL WE DO THIS? Through differentiated phases:

1st: Initial data gathering through RFID tech. 2nd: Platform launch / Carpooling RFID-enabled sticker.

3rd: Community Building. 4th: Platform Maturity.

We showed how the future could start today by using a very simple, inexpensive technology that has existed since the 70s, RFID. The very first step would be to enable all bus stations in Manchester with RFID tags that can be activated with your phone and crowd source bus schedules, making the bus system more reliable, so people consider dropping their cars to go into de city. Then the carpooling RFID-enabled sticker will continue this data gathering while providing alternative modes of transport as the system grew.